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Programmable controllers, Operator interface, AC Drives, Motor Control, Motion Controllers, Temperature Process, Proximity Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors , Relays, Limit Switches, Timers, Counters, Power Supplies, Vision , Code Readers

Company Description

Founded in 1933, Omron Electronic Components is the world’s leading supplier of technologically advanced electronic components. Omron‘s vast product line includes switches (general, snap-action, control, DIP/SIP, miniature, sub-miniature, and thumbwheel), relays, connectors, optoelectronics, and sensors that are used in consumer electronics, computer peripherals, office automation products, and telecom applications. Omron Industrial Automation supplies the world with advanced electronics and control system components, including switches, relays, power supplies, sensors, calibration equipment, and cable assemblies. Omron RFID is a global leader in RFID technology with their extensive range of reliable products and systems, such as inlays, readers/writers, transponders, development tools, and accessories.

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